Don't Quit
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Thursday, February 08, 2018
By Jolly Jen Photography
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DON'T GIVE UP!! (I am not a fan of contractions, but I used it for impact on this blog) Most business owners at one point or another find themselves overwhelmed and/or defeated. Have you ever felt like giving up? I am here to encourage anyone that has ever had these thoughts. I am NOT a life coach, but I am hoping to shine some light on pushing forward when things seem tough. Last year, as the year was coming to a close, I was a bit "burned out" due to the numerous 12am-1am nights of trying to get orders placed, holiday chores completed, prepping for the new year business plan, etc... I am not one to have a full plate and sleep well anyway, so why not just stay up and get it done? It took a toll on my creative side (which happens to be my FAVORITE thing about my career as a professional photographer). I decided to NOT seek new shoots during the month of December due to my beautiful Mom having some health issues and of course, we all know the stress of the holidays. I did have several people reach out and I truly enjoyed capturing their special images. I had a fabulous year overall, but I was truly ready for 2018! I have been blessed with an amazing family, an awesome group of friends and clients that I can now say have been added to my "friend group". As the new year started out, I gained a new outlook on my business. I am rejuvenated, I have been seeking new ideas that I hope will bring more enjoyment to my clients throughout their lifetime. I now wake up every morning with a "to-do" list that I am excited to try and accomplish by the end of each day. The bottom line is this.... even when you do NOT think you can do one more thing, take a deep breath, (step away if necessary) and learn something new, find something that makes you happy (for me it is continuing to learn and improve my craft) and whatever you do, do not ever, ever give up!!! DON'T QUIT!

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