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Tuesday, March 27, 2018
By Jolly Jen Photography
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Bringing Back the Denim Skirts


Denim skirts are making their way back into our lives. The look we retired about a decade ago, is making a comeback. These skirts are an essential part of your wardrobe if you want to stay up to date with fashion. 


Where do you start when you want to incorporate a piece into your wardrobe? To start off look into the stores that sell these skirts, today you can find them in Forever 21, Altar’d State, TJMaxx, and other retailers. These skirts are everywhere. There is also no need to go out and buy brand new denim skirts, check into your local thrift stores. Goodwill rocks for these babies…


Secondly, figure out what denim skirts fit YOUR style. There are various materials and patterns to choose from. If you do not like the traditional jean skirt there are options for you. There are plaid, leather, and corduroy skirts out there, that are still in fashion that are comparable to THE denim skirt.


Once you choose your skirt style, it is time to discuss how you will wear it. Tops that look amazing with denim skirts include band tees, crop tops, turtlenecks, plain tees, and off the shoulder or open shoulder. These skirts make the tops extremely versatile. Topping off the look with a jacket can take the denim skirt to another level. Making your outfit ten times edgier, which works really well when shooting senior portraits.


There is a denim skirt for everyone!!

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