Senior Model Rep Shoots ROCK!!
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Monday, March 18, 2019
By Jolly Jen Photography
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This is the time of year I get SUPER pumped!!! Not only do I get to see my last year JollyJenPhotography reps when they come in to pick up their announcements, but I get prepped and ready to shoot the reps for NEXT year!!

I truly LOVE having a theme planned when the reps complete their applications and attend a mandatory consultation meeting to be a part of the team.Truly, they are sitting on the edge of their seats when I am getting ready to announce the theme. I try to choose something that will not require anyone to go out and purchase all new attire (although some decide to do so) I even have a large collection of dresses and items we can use to "play dress up". This also gives them a chance to do something that will be totally different than when they come back from their individual shoots in the summer. (which is when they showcase their personalities whether it be with sports, dance, music, reading, etc....)

This year's theme for Class of 2020 was Hollywood style VANITY FAIR! Of course, if you follow Annie Leibovitz (one of my all-time favorite photographers), you will see where I got my inspiration. **Please do not compare, I can never be her, but it is fun trying :)

I wanted to share a shot of each of the 4 groups with a total of 25 JJP Senior Model Reps for The Class of 2020!

More images are forthcoming once we have our REVEAL PARTY on April 7th at our local cinema. It will be the first time they see their individual, as well as the other group shots we took throughout the day. They are encouraged to bring friends and family to share THEIR images on the BIG SCREEN.

Can you tell I love this? I am already counting down the days. 

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