The Digital World We Live In...
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Thursday, January 24, 2019
By Jolly Jen Photography
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We are the most photographed generation in history and someday we will only HOPE we can locate images we captured along the way. Sometimes we drop our phones, break up with a friend/ boyfriend or girlfriend and delete all of the images from our phone OR maybe we just need to clear images so we can make more space for more images. 

Think about how things have changed so quickly with the digital world! When I first started my career in photography we would deliver them on CDs (and if we wanted them to really be fancy, add a sticker on the outside with logo or image from the shoot). We then moved to USBs (some still do this) to "hopefully" have them forever. Now we are all leaning towards the digital download. Who knows will be the "next best thing"??

No matter what the occasion may be: family reunion or annual family vacation at Smith Mountain Lake, sibling photo updates, high school senior portraits, or "just because" photos, I am still a huge advocate for printing all images. In 100 years, our clients will be able still physically hold, observe, admire, reflect these prints.

I encourage EVERYONE to PRINT their memories because YOUR memories deserve to last a lifetime.

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