Print vs. Digital

As a certified professional photographer located at Smith Mountain Lake, VA, (servicing surrounding areas including Lynchburg, Rocky Mount,  Roanoke, and Salem) I seek serious clients that understand the “value” of an amazing photograph. Photography can be one of the most meaningful investments you make in your lifetime. Photographs capture a moment in time that can never be replicated or duplicated…

Due to the fact that most events photographed by a professional photographer are “once in a lifetime” events, I go above and beyond to work with each client individually, based on their wants and needs. My ultimate goal is to capture images that show the personality of the person or people being photographed. As a certified professional photographer, there is one thing I tend to hold dear to my heart… it is the importance of purchasing professional PRINTS… I have chosen to explain this in the “investment” menu because so many people are asking for digital images ONLY. Let me explain my thoughts on why I feel it is important to “invest” in PRINTS. A minimum order of print material must be purchased in order to have access to purchasing digitals, again to ensure you have prints that you will cherish throughout your family's lifetime.

Why PRINT and not DIGITAL?

One: I use a PROFESSIONAL LAB for prints, canvases, acrylics, etc. that provide you with 100% quality products.

Two: I borrowed this phrase from a photographer I truly admire… I have NEVER gone into someone’s home and seen a disk hanging on the wall nor have someone say “I LOVE my new disk!”

Three: We do not know what medium will last the longest to archive our precious memories. Is it the 8-track, the cassette tape, the DVD, the USB, the external hard drive? Print is tangible and you can cherish for many years to come.

Four: My goal as a photographic artist is to work with clients that “value” an amazing photograph and ultimately want WALL ART that they will cherish forever.

  • I CARE that you get the quality you pay for
  • I CARE that you walk away with WALL ART that will bring joy to you throughout your lifetime
  • I CARE that I provide the best customer service and the best possible images to ensure that your “once in a lifetime” moments are recorded.

Please email me directly for questions pertaining to pricing, session information, etc.

YES I do offer online galleries, but again, I use a professional lab to ensure the quality that I promise….. because I CARE!!

Thanks for stopping in and I hope to see you in the studio or on the lake soon!